The Roots of Stress

[VIDEO] A panel of esteemed scientists addressed the roots of stress from neurobiological, cognitive, health, and developmental perspectives in the presidential symposium at the 2014 APS Annual Convention. More>


Preschoolers Can Reflect on What They Don’t Know

Contrary to previous assumptions, researchers find that preschoolers are able to gauge the strength of their memories and make decisions based on their self-assessments.


Workplace Diversity Initiatives May Mask Discrimination

Workplace diversity initiatives might actually create a false sense of fairness, leading people to overlook lingering discrimination, a new study shows.


Eye Movements May Reveal Difference Between Love and Lust

Where your date looks at you could indicate whether love or lust is in the cards, new eye-tracking research shows.


Perspectives on Psychological Science

Read about the latest issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science.


Abusive Supervision – Who’s to Blame?

Abusive supervision may often be the result, not the cause, of employee misbehavior, a new study suggests.


Investigating the Siren Song of Mobile Devices in the Car

New findings suggest that people's attitudes may differ when it comes to initiating communication versus responding to calls and texts when they're behind the wheel.