25th APS Annual Convention: Mark Your Calendar (Washington, DC, USA - May 23-26, 2013)

Clinical Science Forum

Beyond the Guild: Innovative Models to Expand Dissemination Science in Mental Health

Thursday, May 23, 2013, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Delaware Suite A

Marc S. Atkins Chair: Marc S. Atkins
University of Illinois, Chicago
Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood Chair: Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood
New York University

Changes in mental health services consequent to healthcare reform shift responsibility from solo practices staffed by single clinicians to regionalized networks that include a wide variety of providers—pediatricians, school staff, social workers, healthcare workers, family support specialists, to name a few. These system changes, in turn, call for a shift in thinking away from discipline-specific training paradigms to integrative approaches that use exaptation as a means to borrow ideas, methods, and strategies for advancing dissemination. This symposium will highlight new models and settings for dissemination. Three models will be presented focused on promoting mental health in non-traditional settings. These models deemphasize mental health care delivered in hospitals and clinics and emphasize instead support in natural settings, expansion of the workforce to acknowledge naturally existing supports, and realignment of mental health resources away from a focus on symptom reduction to identification of key predictors that promote successful adaptation. Implications for new models of mental health research and practice will be discussed.

Continuing Education: 1.5 Credits

Learning Objectives

This forum is designed to help you:

1. Identify major gaps in mental health care delivery for children and families.

2. Identify challenges in implementing mental health practices in community and primary care settings.

3. Identify strategies for improving access to mental health care and effective practices in non-specialty settings.

Continuing education for psychologists is sponsored by the Psychology Department at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC). The Psychology Department at WHASC is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. WHASC maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Point of contact for the CE Program is Howard Garb. He can be reached at howard.garb@us.af.mil, or 210.671.4084.

Subject Area: Clinical

Mary M. McKay

Meeting the Needs of Urban Youth and Families Through the 4Rs 2Ss Family Strengthening Program: The “Real World” Meets Evidence-Informed Care
Mary M. McKay
New York University

Jennifer Watling Neal

Social Network Models for Understanding Dissemination in Schools
Jennifer Watling Neal
Michigan State University

Lawrence Wissow

Mental Health in Primary Care: Adapting Versus
Lawrence Wissow
Johns Hopkins University

David Chambers

David Chambers (Discussant)
National Institute of Mental Health

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