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The Trick to Being Satisfied

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Questionnaires and daily diary entries showed that fathers in particular expressed greater levels of happiness than men without children, says S. Katherine Nelson, lead study author and a doctoral candidate at University of California, Riverside. (For more dad-approved health tips and breaking news, sign up for the Men’s Health Dads newsletter.)
But if you don’t have a mini-you following you around, here are three things that bring just as much satisfaction and meaning to your day-to-day routine. (Bonus: No dirty diapers involved.)

Your Social Network

“The greatest predictor of life satisfaction is your social support network,” says Shawn Achor, M.S., author of The Happiness Advantage and founder of Good Think Inc. And while that social network could consist of children, it could also be friends, family members, and coworkers. “So if you want to enjoy your life, you have to create social investment,” says Achor. Translation: Stop being a stranger. Even if you’re not typically the initiator, be the guy who holds the weekly poker night at his place, or the one to pick up the phone to catch up with a family member.

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